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FT-103E solid-state instant tea free flow packing density tester



According to the standard: GB/T18798-2013 the provisions of this part of the determination of solid instant tea flow freely bulkdensity and Compacted bulkdensity of the instruments and equipment, sampling, operating steps and the results of calculation.

本部分适用于固态速溶茶的自由流动堆积密度 固态速溶茶 第5部分: 自由流动和紧密堆积密度的测定; ISO6770:1982<<速溶茶 自由流动和紧密堆积密度的测定>> 

This section applies to the free flow bulkdensity of solid instant tea and the fifth part of the solid instant tea: the measurement of free flow and Compacted bulk density;ISO6770: << instant tea the test of the free flow of instant tea and the Compactedly bulkdensity >>  
二.定义definition:自由流动堆积密度 free-flow bulk densities :在规定条件下,自由地倾倒进一个容器后的质量与体积的比值,

free-flow bulk densities: the ratio of the mass to the volume of freely pour into a container under the specified conditions
三.原理Principle:自由流动堆积密度把样品通过一个漏斗注入到一个已知体积和质量的容器中,称量容器的内物的质量: the free flow of bulk density , pour  the samples through a special funnel into a specific  container which  volume and mass is known, measure the weight  of contents in the container.

四.参数资料:Technical Parameters
1. 漏斗上口径:125mm*100mm;出口内径:20mm*10mm

Funnel top diameter:125mm*100mm, outlet inner diameter:20mm*10mm

The contact part with sample is made of edible grade SS.

3. 刮铲Spatula:约120mm*20mm

5.接料容器Receiving container:200ml
6.接料容器尺寸Receiving container dimensions:74mm*55mm*50mm

7.选购天平Balance optional:0-2000g,精度accuracy 0.1g


Accessories: brush, steel ruler, manual, warranty card, certificate


The provisions of this standard the compacted bulk density meter

紧密堆积密度 compacted bulk densities:在受到规定条件下振动(一般100次)后的质量与体积的比值。

Compacted bulk densities: The ratio of mass to volume after Vibration under specified conditions (typically 100 times)


The following instruments meet the compact bulk density measurement requirements


FT-100B  Practical tap density meter; FZS4-4 economic tap density meter; FT-100A microcomputer powder density tester