FT-103D 散粒物料堆积角/逆止角测定仪

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FT-103D 散粒物料堆积角/逆止角测定仪

FT-103D 散粒物料堆积角/逆止角测定仪 

FT-103D particle material accumulation Angle/reverse stop Angle meter


JB/T 9014.7—1999续输送设备 散粒物料堆积角的测定;ZB  J8 1  006.7—88 《 续输送设备 散粒物料堆积角的测定》

JB/T 9014.7-1999 continuous conveyor equipment particle materials accumulation Angle measurement instead of ZB J8 1-88-006.7《  the continuous conveying equipment particle materials bulk Angle measurement》

二.适用范围Scope of Application:

标准规定了散粒物料堆积角的测定方法;适用于连续输送设备输送的粒度为 0~50mm的散粒物料的自然堆积角和动态堆积角的测定。

the method of determination of the accumulation Angle of particle material is stipulated in the standard.It is suitable for the determination of natural accumulative Angle and dynamic accumulation Angle of the particle material of 0 ~ 50mm for continuous conveying equipment.



under certain experimental conditions, test the natural accumulation Angle and dynamic accumulation Angle, to determine the The flow level and calculate the internal friction factor of the material.

四.参数要求: Parameters

粒度小于6mm 的物料采用堆积角、逆止角测定仪进行测定

Particle size less than 6mm of the material using the accumulation angle, reverse angle instruments for measuring.


Vibration platform: the use of magnetic vibration mode; half wave mode maximum amplitude of 0.5mm, frequency of 0-250Hz- can be adjusted arbitrarily.

堆积平板Stacked plate:直径iameter1M


The distance between the feed opening and the plate is 250mm which is adjustable, the feed opening diameter is 50mm, barrel inner diameter: 300mm

料筒出口有控制阀门Barrel outlet has control valve.


 Timer: 0-9999H/M/S


Configuration auxiliary tools: vernier caliper, angle ruler, material tray, feeding shovel, spade, steel plate ruler, brush, wire brush

8. 粒度大于6mm 的物料采用人工堆积法进行测定

Materials with a particle size greater than 6mm were measured by artificial bulkmethod.

9.输入power supply:220v

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